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How do I explain the Different stages in a project life cycle on a diagram?

In one of my question papers, I have a question that reads as follows:-
Explain with the aid of a diagram the different stages in the life cycle of a project? I don't know how I'd answer that if it was to be asked in my final exams. I'm preparing for exams and am going thru all my previous test question papers.

Kindly throw some light if possible; an example will be of great value.

The next question following that is just as tricky is the first, and it reads as follows:-

Identify the input, output and processes of each stage of the life cycle.
How do I do that please? I'm doing fundamentals of Project Management and need to come out of this with distinction to progress to the Advance of Project Management.

Please help!

Thanking you for you kind assistance and support always.
asked 6 years ago by Aliyah (780 points) edited 6 years ago by Aliyah

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There is an example diagram that corresponds very closely to the PMBOK stages here: http://www.mpmm.com/project-management-methodology.php (the illustration on the page).  Here its shown as a loop, however a straight line is appropriate (imho).

As far as the inputs and outputs for each stage, think about the work of the project that takes place at each.  So if you start the project lifecycle at initiation, the input is going to be the project idea and the output is going to be the project charter and the name of the project manager.  These two outputs are also the input to the next phase.

In the planning phase, you are doing things like interviewing the project sponsor, meeting with the project team to brainstorm the WBS, and so on.  What so you think the output of the planning phase would be?  A project schedule, perhaps?  What else would have to be done in that phase that would be additional outputs? Budgets? Risk management plans?
answered 6 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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