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Could you recommend the best approaches to re-establishing the success of our computer department

We have had our own computer department for some thirty five years.
Unfortunately several of the department’s long term employees have left in a
relatively short period of time and things are starting to go wrong. Development
schedules are being missed and essential maintenance is taking an unacceptably
long time.

The twenty strong computer department essentially operates, as they always have,
as one large team, with everybody involved in the various aspects of systems
development. They follow a somewhat informal customized development
approach that was originally championed by one of the most recent retirees.
Many of the department’s employees have been at our company a number of
years and despite considerable effort the company is having difficulty filling their
current IT vacancies.
Could you recommend the best approaches to re-establishing the success of our computer department. Could you please state clearly any assumptions that may help?

Thanks a lot
asked 10 years ago by Dan (220 points)

1 Answer

I guess that the soon-to-be-retirees should spend a lot of time training those who will fill their vacancies. The training should be a process training, meaning that they (new hires) will be trained on how to operate according to the processes created by the current retirees.

The only other option is to completely re-haul the computer department, and by re-hauling I mean changing the whole process and testing with other processes.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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