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Green project management certification?

I have heard lately that there is a "green project management certification" that is offered. I have searched the Internet and I couldn't find any. Since I'm a project manager and I care a lot about nature, then such a certification is very interesting to me. I have 2 questions:

- Does such a certification exists, yes or no?
- Who is the organization offering the green PM certification? (if it exists)
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Actually, there is a certification.  It is accredited and is competency based.  check out www.greenprojectmanagement.org.

The PRiSM course is taught all over the world and is based on the IPMA's competency baseline 3.0 and the ISO:14001.  

A person code of ethics is great but a framework of sustainability methods such as environmental impact assesments, sustainability management plans, and EMS leveraging tools are what companies that have real environmental goals and want to use project management to acheive them value.
answered 10 years ago by GreenPM (140 points)
This certification looks worthless and very commercial to me. Your website is a joke and it seems like everything is automated there with little real content. I just checked the first entry in the your blog ("KPIs for Adopting Sustainability - Implementation") and the "last modified" date on this blog was "Wed 31 December 1969 18:00".

In my opinion, you're just selling snake oil to project managers out there.
10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
I welcome you to come to Crete this October to attend the IPMA Global Congress where we will be presenting sustainability in project management with a consortium from the US, Netherlands, UK, and Switzerland.  If you can't make that, we have courses being run by top tier training firms that we would be happy to have you audit and provide feedback  I believe we will be in Toronto this October.

Again, thank you for your wonderful words of encoragement.  It is individuals like you who push us to work even harder and serve as a constant reminder of what a true project management professional is and the decorum one should employ to represent the discipline.
10 years ago by GreenPM (140 points)
There is no such thing as green project management certification. Such a certification doesn't exist (and even if it does and I don't know about it, then most likely any company will not take it seriously).

A quick search on Google for such a certification revealed commercial websites advertising their Six Sigma Green Belt certifications.

In my opinion, you should stick with the PMP - the PMI code of ethics is not technically green, but if you read between the lines the PMI can be considered as an organization that promotes "Green project management". Take a look at the following line from the PMI code of ethics:

"We make decisions and take actions based on the best interests of society, public safety, and the environment." (PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - Chapter 2)

They have mentioned the environment, which means that all your project management activities should respect the environment - in my book, that is considered to be green!

So, get the PMP, and if someone asks you whether your PM certification is green or not, then you can confidently answer with a yes!
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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