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Types of project communication in project management

What are the different types of project communication in PM? Are the PM communication types the same thing as the communication means (such as email, face-to-face, phone calls, video conferencing, etc...) - or are they something else? Please explain with examples.

Does the project manager usually list the communication types in the communication management plan?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

There are several types of communication in project management, and they include:

- Face-to-face communication: This type of communication is ideal for resolving conflicts and explaining the tasks/project to the team members (in the latter case it should be ideally coupled with an email). Face-to-face communication usually occurs in meetings. Should be followed up with minutes.

- Video conferencing: The alternative to face-to-face communication for remote teams. Should be followed up with minutes.

- Email communication: The best way to get documents approved and to receive/send detailed requirements from the client/to the team members.

- Collaboration tools: The best way to update the status of a task and to know what the status of the task is.

- Phone: Should only be used for conferences - mainly to discuss the project status. Should be followed up with minutes.

Ideally, the project manager should list all the communication tools/types in his communication management plan.
answered 10 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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