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Why did I fail my PMP?

This is the most important exam in my life and I failed it. I have never failed any exam before, and I just failed the PMP. I nearly memorized the PMBOK, I bought and studied all of Rita Mulachy's books, I did online exams (some were very hard, and I paid for them). The questions were almost all situational (very little calculation questions), and none of the answers provided seemed like the right answer to me, so I chose the one that is almost the right answer. I was moderately proficient in all, but the planning (where I was below proficient), and I FAILED.

WHY? I have over a dozen of real project management experience, not like some others who don't even have the required amount yet they mysteriously pass. Am I missing something? Are these people studying something that I'm not?

Now I need to retake my PMP, any advice?
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

Plenty of reasons, but I suggest not dwelling on why you failed.  Focus on your strategy to pass the exam.  Use Andy Crowe's book AND the free Head First exam questions.  It's the route that I took - I have not even seen the PMBOK!

During the exam, you should feel confident that you'll pass. And once again, stop stressing the fact that you FAILED.  It's not an easy exam.  There are plenty of people who required taking a second or even a third attempt.  Your PM experience will help but focus on the PMI way and you'll be golden.

good luck!

These from a guy who passed on his first take.  Key concept: Understand and don't just memorize.
answered 11 years ago by anonymous edited 11 years ago by me
The Key to passing the PMP is not just by studying harder but studying smarter. It is true that no single book is enough but a couple of good books are enough.

Even before you start preparing for the exam try to read the reviews who failed the exam (Lessons learnt!!).See if you can change your approach .Practise as many sample questions as you can daily atleast 1 month before the actual exam date.Analyze your SWOT.

I used only 2 books (Rita & Andy Crowe) and practised at least 4000 sample questions (90% of them free) and scored moderately proficient in 4/6 areas in my actual exam  and passed in my first attempt.

Also note that PMI uses the modified Angoff procedure to determine the passing score.It is not a flat score of getting 61% of questions correct. It varies between 61% and 75%.

Even if you can't memorise all ITTO's concentrate more on Scope,Quality,Risk,Time and Procurement.
Read procurement management and Professional responsibility from Rita's book
answered 11 years ago by anonymous

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