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How to fake your project management experience for the PMP?

OK, I'm sure some of you faked your project management experience to attain 4,500 hours of project management work? How did you do it without getting caught? Do I have to worry about being audited for my reported project management experience (I've never head of a single case).

Honestly I have just over 2,500 hours of project management experience, what is the best way to make them 4,500 hours? Shall I talk to my employer for 7 years, and telling him to lie for me if questioned (which I think is very awkward). Is there another, cleaner way for doing so?
asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The sad thing is that there are quite a few people who do this exact same thing, and then brag about "how they fooled PMI" and became a PMP without the necessary project management experience.

Remember if and when you become a PMP (if you pass the test) your are bound by the PMI code of ethics, which, from your question, I see that you have none.

Faking a project management experience can be easily done, but does that make you a real PMP (if you pass)? I don't think so.

I think PMI needs to be more diligent on verifying the experience, but, in all cases, I think it's impossible for them to verify everyone's experience, especially when some people (including yourself) partner up with their employer to fool the system.
answered 11 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)

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