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PMP exam result

I received my result from the PMP exam.

1 domain was Proficient
4 domains were Moderately Proficient

The result was failed.

How can I fail?  It would make sense that at least one domain should be below proficient in order to fail ?
asked 4 years ago by henrik2802 (130 points)
Hi, got a mail from the PMI Certification program stating that there was an error and an incorrect exam report was sent to me. It was a pass anyway:-). PMI apologize.
3 years ago by anonymous edited 3 years ago by MaplePM

4 Answers

For all those who were moderately proficient in all domain areas yet they failed: Please contact PMI immediately, it seems that the PMP Exam results were messed up for a week or so, and people were told by the system that they failed (while they obviously passed). Note that PMI is apparently proactive in rectifying the situation by emailing each and every affected candidate and informing him of the glitch (and of course, telling him that he passed).
answered 3 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
Hi, I just received my pmp exam result, too. 1 Below Proficient (Initiating), 1 Proficient (Monitoring and Controlling) and 3 Moderately Proficient. I failed too. Initiating is the second lowest weight among the domains in the latest distribution with 13%. Can there really be a glitch in the scoring system after August 31?

Anyone made contact with pmi? Is there a possibility to view a breakdown of the score system?
answered 3 years ago by anonymous
Please contact PMI - Most likely you should pass the test, even if you're below proficient in the Initiating domain area.
3 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)
This is odd. Usually you only need to be moderately proficient in order to pass. Sometimes you can even have a "below proficient" score in two (not one) domain areas and still pass!

It seems that PMI changed the PMP exam score as of September (or was it August) 2011. Either way, I would check with PMI, maybe there is a glitch in their new scoring system.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
Do you recall how many Professional Responsibility questions you had on your test? I received Moderately Proficient in all domains but had no Professional Responsibility questions and failed.
3 years ago by anonymous
Hi, I received my result from the PMP exam:

5 domains were Moderately Proficient.

The result was failed too.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
Did PMI email you telling you that it was an error and that you actually passed? If not then please contact them.
3 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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