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Program coordinator role and responsibilities

What is the main role and the top responsibilities of a program coordinator? Is this role similar to that of the project coordinator, but coordinating programs rather than projects? Who does the program coordinator report to, does he report to the Program Manager or the PMO?
asked 6 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The role of the program coordinator differs greatly from one organization to the other. However, there are some common responsibilities for all program coordinators, and they are:

- Coordinating the work between different programs to ensure that all the programs are still aligned with the major business objectives of the organization.
- Reporting to the program manager on the status of the program. The program manager will later forward that report to upper level executives.
- Helping in preparing program budgets
- Helping in creating the schedule of the whole program
- Communicating with the project managers working on the program to see to check on the status of their projects (how it it fairing with respect to the baselines? are there any major conflicts or issues?)
- Helping in creating the different program management documents, such as the program charter, the program plan, etc...
- Helping in creating/reviewing the documentation for the program
- Helping in the marketing of the program in the organization

The project coordinator reports to the program manager.

Typically, the program coordinator's role is a supporting role for the program manager. And yes, you can say that this role is to program management as the project coordinator's role is to project management.
answered 6 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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