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Do Project Managers need to be good at written english?

I am dyslexic and I struggle with English especially written English. Its not the content of the documents i have trouble with, but rather my ability to use the English language to convey the correct meaning using professional words or language so the document flows easily.  I  currently work in IT support, and have worked in support in many IT projects. I've been considering branching out into IT project management for sometime, as I prefer to work in more structured environments, and I find mind mapping second nature.  However I'm unsure if it would be a wise career move?

I really struggle with dyslexia and the English language. Although I did get distinctions on essays at college, but this was due to the content, rather than language ability. Are all documents produced in project work all structured the same using similar language?
asked 11 years ago by Lou1979 (190 points) edited 11 years ago by MaplePM

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Good communication in oral and written language (not necessarily English) is universally required for good project management.  On a side note, I've seen evidence though that English is increasingly becoming the language of business and projects, but that is not true globally.

The types of documents will vary.  Some may be structured in relatively same terms.  At times however, you may be called upon to write a project article for a company newsletter or a business proposal for a new project.

That said, dyslexia shouldn't be a showstopper.  In a supportive environment, there might be an assistant PM or team member that you trust that may be able to help. While I've always considered myself a good communicator and have published articles, I still always seek someone to proofread my work.  I'm also subjected at times to "writers block" or I have an idea I can communicate in rough terms, but need someone to assist in polishing the message.

I would also encourage you to look into remediation tools.  Gemm Learning produces software which helps in the remediation of adult dyslexia: http://www.gemmlearning.com/adult_reading_program.php .

Short answer - we all have strengths and weaknesses.  We need to always continue to use our strengths while remediating our weaknesses.  I wouldn't let a weakness in English language stop me from achieving my goals.
answered 11 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points) edited 11 years ago by MaplePM

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