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Project tracking template in Excel

Hi, I am looking for a project tracking template, preferably in Excel (and ideally free!).

Is there such as thing? Or do I have to create my own one? In either case what should be included in a project tracking sheet? Does anyone here have a sample?
asked 6 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Since this website does not let you attach documents, I will explain to you how to create a project tracking template in Excel.

A project tracking template can be use to track multiple projects or a single project.

If it's used for tracking multiple projects:

    - You create an Excel sheet with 5 columns
        - First column is the project name (first row below the header is A2)
        - Second column is the "Actual Start Date" of the project  (first row below the header is B2)
        - Third column is the "Actual Finish Date" of the project (C2)
        - Fourth Column is the "Work Days" spent on this project (how many working days were spent on this project) (D2)
        - Fifth column is the "Duration" spent on this project (you can use the following formula: Days360(B2, C2, false) in the cell, where B2 represents the cell containing the Actual Start date column and C2 contains the cell containing the Actual Finish Date) (E2)

    The following columns are optional
        - Fifth column contains the "Planned Start Date" (F2)
        - Sixth column contains the "Planned End Date" (G2)
        - Seventh column contains the "Deviation from Start" - which is the difference, in days, between the planned start date and the actual start date (you can use the following formula: Days360(H2, B2, false)) (H2)
        - Eighth column contains the "Deviation from End" - which is the difference, in days, between the planned end date and the actual end date (you can use the following formula: Days360(I2, C2, false)) (I2)

- If it's used to manage one project:

- You do exactly as the above, but instead of listing projects, you just list deliverables (so in the first column you will have the deliverable name, in the second column the deliverable start date, etc...)
answered 6 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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