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Should I remember all Inputs, Outputs and where there are used

Currently I'm preparing my self for the PMP exam, I can explain all 42 process groups, but its really hard for me to remember all Inputs and Outputs.

For example, should I remember that  Work performance information ( output in Integration ) is used as input in Control schedule.
Some of the outputs are used many times as an input, and for me is hard to remember it, should I memorize them?
What do you think?
asked 11 years ago by asenski (220 points) edited 11 years ago by asenski

1 Answer

Your general choices are to memorize them or know them sufficiently well that you can piece these together based on logic.  I chose the latter and it seemed to work for me.  There are questions about these on the CAPM and PMP exams.
answered 11 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)
Thank you sdcapmp  for the answer. But what do you mean exactly? For example there will be questions like:
How many time in Time Knowledge area do you use Organizational process assets an an input?
In which Knowledge areas do you use Scope baseline as an input?

Thanks in advance
11 years ago by asenski (220 points)
Yes, the questions will be multiple choice, however, and be something like the project charter is the output of which project process?  or a Qualitative Risk Evaluation matrix is described in what knowledge area? and you will need to identify the process and knowledge area from a list of possiblities.
11 years ago by sdcapmp (45,840 points)

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