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What major project constraints did Bechtel have to contend with?

I want to know what were the major project constraints that Bechtel, the US contracting giant, faced in the Iraqi reconstruction project.
asked 11 years ago by anonymous edited 11 years ago by MaplePM

1 Answer

Clearly time wasn't a major constraint, as the reconstruction project was years late, and neither was the scope (quality), because of the low quality of the work performed.

Cost was a constraint, as the almost $700 million awarded by the US government for the reconstruction project was fixed (in such projects, if the vendor runs into a cost overrun, then he'll have to pay the extra costs from his own pocket).

Other constraints (not including the 3 main constraints) were:

- Risk constraints: Iraq at that time (2003) was a very dangerous place, especially for American companies. The company had to pay a lot of money to security companies to protect its employees as well as its projects.

- Resource constraints: Engineers and Project Managers who were willing to go to Iraq at that time were very rare as they greatly feared their safety (and rightly so). The company had to pay exorbitant amounts of money just to lure these people to work there.
answered 11 years ago by MaplePM (46,940 points)

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