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What is a positive conflict?

I thought all conflicts were bad things (negative), and should be managed and the project manager should ensure, through his conflict management skills, that conflicts will not re-occur. Just recently I read the term "positive conflict". So what are positive conflicts? And how do they differ from traditional conflicts?
asked 12 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

A "positive conflict" does not mean that the conflict was good, but it rather means that the occurrence of that conflict lead to things that are good.

For example, many team conflicts can lead to:

- More cohesive team: when two team members are in conflict with each other and then they make up, they become friends and they can work together more efficiently.
- A more efficient team: Often when team members navigate through their inter-conflicts, they try to find (by themselves) solutions to their conflicts in a creative manner. An example of this would be a programmer and system administrator arguing over the selection of an RDBMS (for example, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server), both parties would start researching the pros and cons of every RDBMS to prove their point, and while doing that they both agree that one RDBMS is better than both of their options, and they use it instead.

Other positive results of conflicts include:

- More respect among team members
- Clarification of roles
- Relaxing work environment
answered 12 years ago by anonymous

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