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What is the difference between a project management office and a program management office?

What makes the project management office different from a program management office (if they are different). Please list the similarities and the differences between the two "offices".
asked 11 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Most references state that they are both Project Management Office and Program Management Office are the same thing, personally I think there is a major difference:

While a Project Management Office focuses on ensuring that company standards when it comes to project management are being applied in projects, the Program Management Office focuses on ensuring that program management standards are correctly in place in all the programs.

Note that in a company where there is a Program Management Office and a Project Management Office, the former may have authority over the latter (notice that I have used the very "may", as it's not necessarily the case, since a Project Management Office can have authority over all the projects, regardless of their program), and the former is referred to as PgMO, while the latter is referred to as PMO.
answered 11 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)
Sometimes the PMO is given responsibility to provide organizational standards and discipline (for projects) - a PM Center of Excellence. But has no direct responsibility to the delivery of an individual project (a Project Control Office owns that duty). Whereas I've never heard of a Program Management Office that had any more responsibility than the delivery of the Program for which it was formed.
10 years ago by anonymous

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